Set up multiple product catalogs

This feature is in a closed, invite-only beta.

By default, Canva provides a single product catalog for each integration. Sometimes though, partners find it useful to have multiple product catalogs, each with separate products and templates.

Partners generally opt for multiple product catalogs when they want to promote products and templates for a specific marketing campaign, event, or industry vertical.

This guide explains how to set up multiple product catalogs.

Step 1: Request multiple product catalogs

Partners must request Canva to set up multiple product catalogs.

To raise a request:

  1. Navigate to the Canva Helpdesk.

  2. Select Homepage Update Request.

  3. In the Summary field, specify Requesting multiple product catalogs.

  4. In the Description field, provide:

    1. The number of product catalogs you want.

    2. A title or theme for each product catalog, such as "Back to school" or "Mother’s day."

    3. A list of products and templates for each product catalog.

    4. Banner text for each product catalog. This is shown in the banner, above the search bar.

    5. (Optional) A banner image. If you don’t provide one, Canva uses a default banner image.

After receiving the request, Canva:

  • Creates the product catalogs.

  • Responds with a tag for each product catalog.

Canva uses the tags to identify specific product catalogs.

Step 2: Show a specific product catalog

To show a specific product catalog, pass a tag into the showCatalog method via the tag parameter.

(async () => {
const api = await Canva.Partnership.initialize({
apiKey: "<%= partnerApiKey %>",
container: document.getElementById("container"),
tag: "back-to-school",


  • The tag parameter is optional. Use it only when you want to set up multiple product catalogs.

  • If you don’t pass the tag parameter, an integration renders a default product catalog. A default product catalog shows the default banner image, banner text, and all products, templates, and saved designs.

  • The tags are case-sensitive.

  • If you pass an empty string or a tag that Canva doesn’t recognize, the SDK shows an error in the JavaScript Console.