Customize the "Publish" button

When a user is ready to print their design, they can click the Publish button to start the proofing process. If you'd like to use different terminology for this button though, you can change the label.

To customize the label of the "Publish" button, provide a value for the publishLabel property when using the following methods:

The following snippet demonstrates this customization in the createDesign method:

(async () => {
const api = await Canva.Partnership.initialize({
apiKey: "<partner_api_key>",
autoAuthToken: "<auto_auth_token>",
container: document.getElementById("container"),
const onProductSelect = (opts) => {
api.createDesign({ ...opts, publishLabel: "Do something!" });

While viewing the editor on a mobile device, the Publish button uses an icon instead of a label. You can't customize this icon.