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As a Print Partner, it's sometimes necessary to get in touch with Canva. This page explains how to create support requests and automatically notify teammates when a request is updated.

Creating support requests

  1. Log in to the Canva Helpdesk. If you don't have an account, sign up for an account by selecting Sign up and following the prompts.

  2. Choose a support category.

  3. Choose a request type.

  4. In the Summary field, use the following format to provide a brief description of the request: [PartnerName] Short Description of the Request.

  5. Fill in the required details.

  6. (Optional) Attach any relevant files to the request.

  7. Select Send.

You can also contact us via the email address [email protected], but we recommend you use the Canva Helpdesk instead.

Adding participants to support requests

If you create a request via the Canva Helpdesk, you can add participants to the request. These participants receive updates about the request. This is a useful way to keep your teammates up to date.

To add participants to a request:

  1. Under the Shared with heading, select Share.

  2. Enter an email address (or the name of your organization).

  3. Select Add.